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Coupon Code Links

Coupon Code Links


WPXTen WooCommerce Coupon Code Links allows you to create auto-redeemable coupon links in WordPress.

When a customer clicks on such a link the coupon applies automatically.


  • Create auto-redeemable coupon links
  • Add a coupon code to any link
  • Grow sales by reducing checkout steps
  • ROI (return on investment) tracking

Generate a link with a coupon code for your customers. Once they click it, the coupon applies automatically.

Do you use coupon codes in your e-commerce WordPress store? If yes, this plugin is for you.

By default, there is no way to apply a coupon automatically in WordPress.

WPXTen Coupon Code plugin allows you to add the coupon code to any link on your website.

The coupon will be applied automatically when a user clicks the link.

For example, turns into (click on it to see it in action)

The main question: why do I need it?

And the answer is to grow sales. Let me explain with a little story. I bet it happened to you more than once.

You receive a promotional email with a coupon code.

You’re interested in what a company has to offer and go to their website.

After 30 minutes of browsing, you finally decide to buy, hooray!

However, you did not remember the coupon code and the browser tab is already buried.

Now, instead of buying right away, you’re trying to find that coupon code.

You think: “OK, I’ll just find it again in my email”.

You spend another 5 minutes browsing for that particular email.

You might think it’s over, it’s a done deal.

But now you’re trying to find a coupon code field on their website.

They hid it for some reason really well.

Finally, after a few minutes of suffering, you found that field (you needed to click on the text so it appeared).

You switch between email and browser and retype XPSLSAJ2K.

Press Enter. Aaaand, you see the message “Your coupon code is incorrect”.

You’ve made a typo.

At this point, you’re absolutely done and want nothing to do with the company ever again.

Imagine doing all of it on your phone. What is the chance that you’ll be distracted from that process and just leave?

You know the answer.

Now imagine your customers are just like you.

They are real human beings and any additional step on your website will lead to more distractions and frustrations.

There is a reason why Amazon’s 1-click purchase is so successful.

You know why. The fewer steps there are between you and purchase, the more likely you’ll do it.

The biggest problem for you as a store owner that you’re unaware of this problem.

People leave silently and you’re sitting scratching your head wondering what went wrong.

What if I could wave a magic wand and solve this problem for you?

WPXTen Coupon Code does exactly that. It solves this problem once and forever.

After you install it, you can add ?coupon_code=YOURCOUPON to any link on your website.

Once a user clicks your link, he will see a news bar on the top saying that the coupon was applied successfully.

In our story with the email, you would include the link in your newsletter.

The user clicked the link in both scenarios but with our plugin, the coupon code already is applied and they will buy right away.

Here are a few other ways we use it in our store:

  1. Chat
  2. Exit popups
  3. Email support
  4. Ads
  5. Email newsletter
  6. Affiliate links

Make sure all of your support agents use these links. Imagine what kind of impact this small change will bring to your bottom line in 1 year? 10 years?

Invest in your store today. Buy WPXTen Coupon Code now.




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