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Product Reviews

Product Reviews


WPXTen Product Review allows for collecting more reviews and grows your sales.

While I was researching how to grow sales in my store I found out about Neil Patel.

In one of the interviews, he said that you need reviews to grow e-commerce store. A lot of reviews.

Let’s take you as an example. If there are 2 identical products which one would you buy? The one with 20 reviews or the one with 2000 reviews?

The choice is obvious.

I started thinking about how can I get more reviews.

The idea is to collect as many reviews as possible.

I know from sales that the less friction there is the higher is conversion.

In short, I need to make leaving a review as easy as humanly possible.

By default, WordPress does not provide you with an easy option.

The person must be logged in and must fill an email and other additional required fields.

Also, the person needs to scroll to the bottom of the page and there are too many distractions on the page.

The solution is to create a separate page with only 1 required field – a review.

I found that chat is a great way to collect reviews.

People often contact our chat support with minor issues.

Right after we helped them we ask for the review.

At this point, the person is the happiest and it works for us extremely well.

We funnel all people through this page where they can see example reviews.

It inspires them to leave more meaningful reviews.

Later on, you will be able to assign a review to a specific product.

You’ll be able to get more reviews with fewer sales and crush your competition.

Look at it as a system you set up once and it works for you forever.

More reviews lead to more sales.

What will happen to your sales if you double your review collection conversions?

Buy now and find out.

Think in the long-term. One of the most valuable of Amazon’s assets is a database of reviews.

Start working on your competitive advantage today and you’ll be unbeatable in a few years.




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